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Mohammad Reza Shajarian

27Sep malmö - 28Sep Stockholm

The singing tradition he is primarily known as "radif". Radif has a very long history, preserved and developed by masters such as through oral tradition brought the tradition, like the stories in societies without written language. Radif music also has strong links to the strict metrical found in Persian, Turkish, Arabic, Pakistani and Indian poetry and lyricism. Shahnaz's a 15-piece ensemble comprised of both Persian masters and young talented musicians. 

Shajarian came to adulthood revitalize the centuries-old Persian songs. He studied with the old masters, and he designed new instruments and made them myself. His lyrics are often taken from old Persian poetry, but also from several contemporary poets. 

Mohahmad Reza Shajarian received in 1999 the UNESCO Picasso Price awarded to musicians or musical institutions whose activities have helped to enrich and develop the music. He has been in Sweden a dozen times by September 2009, when he appeared in the Berwald Hall. 

It's happening again 

On Saturday 26 th September at the magnificent Malmö Arena. Buy tickets here. 

The unique Malmo arena also helps many in Denmark, Helsingborg, Malmö and Gothenburg to participate in the concert through the short o facilitate communication with the train. 

From Denmark, just go across the bridge or take the train directly to the venue which is adjacent to the train station. 

we will soon detailing and a special link for those guests who wish to stay at the hotel and get the optimum comfort.

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